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Internal reference: 1312100059
Model: ALPA 323-4
Manufacturing Year: 2005
Particular characterisitics:

- ALPA 320-4 is a machine designed to carry out complex jobs in very short times and with high quality, keeping the necessary investment to a minimum.

- Thanks to its extreme flexibility and simplicity, it perfectly satisfies all productivity requirements, processing the material from the coarse state to a complete finishing, without the need for human intervention.
Particularly suitable for production in the building and furniture industry, it is suitable for the following operations:
- Drilling.
- Milling.
- Internal and external edges.
- Writing with a spark plug tool in all the styles recognized by WINDOWS (standard 5 styles).
- Artistic and geometric engravings with diamond spark plug tools.
- Execute recesses in shapes.
- Straight cuts with disc at any angle up to 360º (optional "head and cutting disc kit for straight cuts).
- Shaped cuts with pumped disc (optional "kit head and pumped disc for shaped cuts").
- Straight and polished shaped incisions (optional "engraving kit").
- Shape bevelling machines in cerium brightness (optional "kit for shape bevelling machines"). The machine is equipped with safety photocells.

Warranty: No